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We are a non-profit, educational club in the greater Phoenix area.

We welcome the public to any meeting to learn and hear from experienced growers about how to grow these beautiful house plants. 

Come learn and grow with us!  

We are a teaching club.


propagating African violets

Hands On Learning

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We meet via a Zoom Meeting or at various public and private locations in the greater Phoenix area on the third Saturday of the month from September through June.
10:00 am - noon

Annual Dues $20

2020-21 Schedule 

Meetings - 3rd Saturdays September through June


Encore Special Summer Programs


July 17 -  Summer program - Movie Night and Potluck

We've pick out some of the most favored topics on growing and grooming your plant.   We'll watch the experts on the big screen followed by hands-on practice on the topic.   Afterwards, we'll celebrate summer with a potluck.  It's a great time to come, learn, and begin or continue your adventure with growing African violets!

Aug 21 -  Summer program - Design with Flair

Let your creative juices flow with a hands-on workshop on how to design and show off your African violet plant and blossoms.  Still in development so check back for more information.


               See details on the Monthly Program and Upcoming Events page

Pests & Diseases

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African violet diseases

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